There are three options for making reservations through DOCKWA.  You can reserve here on the website on the SLIP RESERVATION page, through the website or through one of the Dockwa Apps (Android or Apple). 

Logging in to online (STEP 1)
    • We find that the Dockwa App is limited in what it can do.  Most customers find they prefer to use a web browser and visit (even from a phone) to access their account.
    • You can use the email address you received in your contract as your login “user name“.  If you don’t know or remember your password, click on “forgot password” and follow the instructions emailed to you to update your password.
Uploading Documents to for Insurance and Registration
    • Once logged into, go to “Account” and “Boats” (STEP 2 & 3)
    • Then Click “Edit“. (STEP 4)
    • Under your Insurance & Registration, you will need to delete any old documents before you can upload your new ones.  (STEP 5)
    • only allows one document for insurance and one document for registration, so if your documentation is in separate pages you will need to get it from your agent or insurance company as a single multi-page document or scan it yourself as a single document to upload it.  (STEP 6)   (This free online tool can help you to merge separate PDF files into one:
    • After uploading your documents click “Save Boat“. (STEP 7)
    • Do not change any info on your boat, except for the new documents.
    • If you change the boat name, it will unlink it from your contract and no longer be in my system.
Your Payments will be Due January 1 & March 31
    • If you have a credit card on file in Dockwa, it will be charged automatically for the payments on the dates specified.
    • If you are paying by cash or check, please make sure you drop payment off by the due dates to the marina mailbox located at the bottom of the stairs of the boathouse.  You can also mail your payment to Kelly’s Landing Marina at 14 Bridgewaters Dr. Oceanport, NJ  07757.
**You can contact directly if you have any issues uploading your documents.  They are required to be current at all times during the season. **You must take responsibility to upload the documents into  Kelly’s Landing doesn’t have any access to your Dockwa account to do it for you.

DOCKWA interface screenshots:


When we find helpful information, tools, and products, we’ll post them here.


Mooring Ring
– Do you get tired of guessing how long to make your lines to tie up your boat?  Having to check tide charts and moon phases?  Take all the guesswork out of it and use the Tide Eliminator.  Easy to attach to the pile, it self-adjusts to the tide and keeps your lines exactly where they need to be.  Take a look, you can order them directly from the website.

Frog Hook – Do you have outboard motors?  Is it difficult to get on and off your boat when you dock?  Frog Hooks make it easy to access your boat with outboard motors and help secure the boat to the dock.  Take a look, you can order them directly from the website.